Texto de Daniela Medeiros

Translation by Roberta Moretti Avery

The weekend in Brasilia was marked by the games of the 3rd National Ladies Tournament.

The day dawned cold, but it was just heating up with the arrival of Pocos de Caldas team in the Capital of Brazil. The disputed sport is Cricket, which for many has childhood taste, when it played its simplified version, which is Bet or Taco, on city streets.

Athletes, family members, friends, sports enthusiasts and curious guaranteed presence in Nipo Club which was prepared by the host “Brasilia Cricket Ladies” to receive the team of Poços de Caldas – Pandas.

The games started on Saturday 23rd in the morning. The team of Brasilia opened the scoring in 121×65. The athletes Ana Vicentin and Silvia Alves stood out for its expressive score 49 and 40 points, respectively.

The men’s teams were prepared to carry their games in the intervals of women’s games, the trophy they were seeking was the Friendship Cup. The men were viewers, because this weekend was dominated by women.

Sunday was inviting and two ladies games were held giving the Brasilia the title of Tri Brazilian Champion, taking the lead of the scoreboard in the second (77 × 65) and third game (47 × 35). The team “Pandas” brought the championship a lot of technique and discipline, showing the evolution of a group that seeks to inherit the legacy of Cricket. The fast learning skills and proper execution is a strong feature of the team that brings mostly athletes between 13-29 years.

Individual awards stamped athletic performance that added to the collective good results. Nany (DF) – Best Bowler with 6 wickets in eight overs, Silvia Alves (DF) -MVP, Alice (MG) -Best fielder, Ana Vicentin (DF) -Best Batsman, Jeannette (Captain From Chile) – Spirit of Cricket.

The captains Erika Reinehr, Roberta Moretti Avery and coaches Rudyard Hartman and Matt Featherstone kept the spirit of sport, providing friendly atmosphere and a lot of learning throughout the championship, demonstrating the strong commitment to the expansion and spread of the sport in Brazil.

The event was a success and a win for Cricket and its players.