Paulo Vitor Campos and RMA article

The I Guarita’s Bash and Mini Bash ended in November, championships sponsored by Guaritas Bar and Burguer for the first year. The competition had four teams from the city, Poços Heat, Poços Eagles, Hornets and Caldense and with two categories.

In the season 18 games took place in each championship, totaling 36 games from February to November. While Guarita’s Bash has games of 20 overs, Mini Bash were faster games, of 10 overs, giving focus to the players in development by the project.

“We are happy with the end of a very successful year for the Poços de Caldas cricket. Every season this sport grows more in the city and with that the championship wins in quality ”, said professor Matt.

He pointed out that last year the championship was played by only two teams and now this number has doubled. According to him the expectation is that in 2020 the competition will have eight teams in the dispute.

“We had several highlights in the championship, however, what makes me happy is the good atmosphere, the way this group is playing, at a very strong technical level. The improvement in our local championship reflects an improvement in our participation in the state and national championships and even the game level of the Brazilian team that has several athletes from our city ”, finished Matt.

Below is classification in both championships:

Guarita’s Bash 2019

Guarita’s Mini Bash 2019