The Brazilian National Cricket team became Vice-Champion in the 9th Edition of the 2017 South American Championship.

The Women’s Team is made up of players from the Poços de Caldas, Brasilia Cricket Ladies and Sçao Sebastião Cricket Club teams. This was the first year that three teams took part in this call and it is a trend for the future.

Here is the team that represented us in Buenos Aires 2017:

Roberta Moretti Avery – Captain – Cricket Poços de Caldas
Ana Elisa Vicentin – Vice Captain – Brasília Cricket Ladies
Dani Medeiros – Brasília Cricket Ladies
Denise Souza – Brasília Cricket Ladies
Elisa Carvalho – São Sebastião Cricket Club
Gabriella Ferreira – Cricket Poços de Caldas
Joana Clara – São Sebastião Cricket Club
Julia Agatha Faustino – Cricket Poços de Caldas
Larissa Bueno – Cricket Poços de Caldas
Laura Agatha – Cricket Poços de Caldas
Lindsay Vilas Boas – Cricket Poços de Caldas
Maria Eduarda Costa – São Sebastião Cricket Club
Renata Dina de Sousa – Cricket Poços de Caldas

The team faced the teams from Chile, Argentina and Peru, in 6 qualifying games during the first three days of the Championship. With that, he won the MPV (Best Players of the Match) prizes in them:

MVP Brasil x Chile – Match 1: Ana Elisa Vicentin

MVP Brasil x Chile – Match 2: Roberta Moretti Avery

MVP Brasil x Argentina – Match 3: Ana Elisa Vicentin

MVP Brasil x Peru – Match 5: Ana Elisa Vicentin

MVP Brasil x Peru – Match 6: Elisa Carvalho

In the final, against the Argentine hosts, Brazil showed all the strength of its renewal, with the mixture of players from Brasília, São Sebastião and Poços that led the dispute until the final moments. The team showed a lot of determination in the fielding, a good performance in bowling and surprises for the sisters in batting.

“Certainly, the Argentine team did not expect such a determined and strong team in the finals today, as we have undergone a structuring since 2016. The new team showed a huge commitment to the team and played their best game in the final. so far – for sure we will be even better in 2018. “, expressed Captain Roberta Moretti Avery.

Brazil has been competing in the competition since 2007 and already has two titles and will look for the next one in 2018!

The men’s team also had a good result that year under Captain Greigor Caisley. After the qualifying round, the team remained tied in 2nd place with the 2016 champions, Chile. However, in the Competition regulations, he dropped to 3rd place and was out of the finals due to the tiebreaker in the number of runs made in the competition.

This selection had the participation of the first Brazilian revealed in the basic projects of Cricket Brazil – Luis Felipe Pinheiro, Xipin, played 2 games for the selection. It is the first fruit of the project based on Cricket Poços de Caldas to follow the pathway to the adult team.

The great highlight of the Selection was Yasar Haroon, who won the MVP of the Championship, with excellent performance in batting, bowling and fielding.

Argentina competed in the final against Chile and showed superiority in the fielding to be Champion.

20 games
In this edition of the Championship, 4 members of the National Team won the Representative Beret of 20 official games for the Brazilian National Team.

Two players from the Women’s Team, Renata Souza and Gabriela Ferreira, who started to represent Brazil in 2014 and have 24 and 26 games respectively. And in Male, Abhijit Khan and Kamal Bishnoi also received the honor from the hands of Matt Featherstone.

The South American Adult Championship will be held in Colombia in 2018!

Onwards, Brazil.